Following an exceptionally busy summer period, we’re thankfully enjoying a slightly quieter September, allowing us to get the Mylor Rigging workshop and general site area properly prepped for the haul-out season!

There's plenty that needs to be done to get your boat ready for winter storage and the difference between a good haul-out and a great haul-out is really down to the level of care and attention to detail you're willing to put into the process.

Here's a taste of what happened during our haul-out...


We lowered our crane - aka Derek - giving him a good visual inspection and a little TLC, including re-amour-coating the Dyneema guy ropes, washing the block and tackle rope system, lubricating all blocks and sheaves and fitted a Go-Pro mount at the top, enabling us to make special ‘eye in the sky’ videos for our social media audience and customers.

The Mast Store has also received its annual deep clean, awaiting over 150 of your masts that we are ready to stockpile undercover in safe and dry conditions.

Don’t forget! This facility is completely free of charge for masts we have un-stepped ourselves.

The Workshop has also had a major sort out, although it won’t take long before it’s full with rigging projects or masts!

Our most exciting news is that our much admired wooden work boat -‘Monkswood’ - has spent the last month in the care of the Marine Team having all her varnish work re-done professionally.

Nothing accentuates and protects the natural wood surfaces on your boat quite like a proper varnish...

We look forward to welcoming her back on the water – she re-launches on the 25th September.

Although we’ll be happy to have Monkswood back, we’ll greatly miss Luke, one of our most talented riggers who is off to America for his coast to coast road trip adventure! We wish him safe travels and happy memories.

Thanks Luke for all your hard work and help in the rigging department.

Post By Ed Mason


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