Whether you're a new seafarer or a seasoned mariner, we all yearn to spend as much time on the boat as possible... The only thing we don't enjoy is cleaning it afterwards.

You may think that cleaning equates to hours of tedious and difficult work that eats into your offshore playtime, however, you don't have to spend hours scrubbing the deck and polishing the trim, to keep your boat looking shipshape.

Typically, sea vessels will require a little extra care and attention due to the saltiness of the water, which can weather your boat surfaces more quickly due to frequent sailing and when salt deposits aren't properly washed off.

#1. Rinse The Deck

The quickest, easiest and smartest way of keeping your boat clean all-round is to rinse the deck immediately - as soon as spills and similar accidents occur. Whatever you're doing on your boat, sea living can be messy, but if you want to avoid dirt becoming welded to your surfaces, act fast when it happens. This will save you time and a lot of elbow grease trying to rub out old and dried in stains. Normal boat decks are easy to clean and fresh spills should wash away pretty easily, however, non-skid surfaces will require a fairly stiff deck brush with marine soap if the stains are dried in.

#2. Clean Your Livewell Tank

If you own a fishing boat with a livewell, make sure you clean and flush it every week:

  • DO use baking soda and hot water as your cleaning compound.  Mix 2 or 3 tablespoons of baking soda into a bucket of hot water, soak a scrubbing brush and apply vigorously to all areas of the livewell. Once you've given it a good clean, flush your tank no less than two times before your next sail.
  • DON'T use bleach or similarly harsh chemicals as remnants can remain on the surfaces of your livewell and end up filtering into the water, compromising bait or fish you place inside.
#3. Upgrade Your Upholstery Protection 

Replacing and repairing vinyl upholstery is a task you absolutely don't want to be doing. Your boat upholstery usually wears out through excessive use but dirt and salt can also prematurely age and weaken your seats and surfaces. Sometimes your upholstery may look worn out when in fact it's just covered in grime, and once cleaned, you could reveal an almost immaculate, good-as-new finish. To save your upholstery you can give it a simple wipe down with a dampened cloth, add a suitable vinyl protector and invest in seat covers and guards to protect against UV rays and similar signs of exposure and weathering.

#4.  Treat Your Windshield 

One of the first areas you really notice dirt on your boat is when you're looking through your windshield and you see all those dried on salty water spray marks. Your solution? A water repellent windshield spray. First off, work out what kind of windshield you have - is it glass or plastic? - and find your corresponding product. A simple application every so often will keep your see-through surfaces cleaner for longer and will also increase visibility.

Post By Ed Mason


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