There are few things as daring, outlandish and wildly imaginative as a superyacht concept. Known for subverting expectations, tearing down conventions and exploring energy alternatives, superyachts are a designer's creative "vehicle" for conjuring up concepts and ideas that have never been created or thought about - from the sublime to the ridiculous and everything in-between.

To explore the weird and wonderful world of superyachts, Mylor Rigging have tracked down some of the most ostentatious designs and curiously engineered super and mega yachts we could find and hope to see made sometime in the future.


Called 'maybe the most outrageous superyacht ever conceived', Shaddai gets its name from the Hebrew deity and was conjured up from the mind of designer Gabriele Teruzzi. He imagined a yacht that was 500 feet long and over 120 feet high with a biblical viewing tower that allows its passengers to be closer to the gods...


Tropical Island Paradise

What's better than a deserted island? One that sails the ocean... This moving paradise is the product of Yacht Island Design's ingenuity, complete with a volcano, waterfall and a pool. Why would you want to leave?


Project Origami

Taking inspiration from the art of Japanese paper folding, this 100-metre concept has an almost weightless, geometric quality and was designed by Monoco based designer George Lucian.


Project Ego

The audacious catamaran superyacht was named Ego for its lavish looks, reminiscent of classic Italian cars. The 34-metre design imagined something that was visually bold yet efficient when moving.


'Wind Motion'

This inspiring, eco-friendly and aerodynamic yacht design comes with a fully automated rig system that can be fitted with wind turbines to charge the yacht's batteries and is designed to work as efficiently as possible when winds are scarce.



Both literally and symbolically, the neWWave is a striking and remarkable looking yacht featuring amazing undulating strips of lightweight aluminium and a gorgeous tiered design that mimics the ocean on the exterior and looks almost mosque-like on the inside.



Taking visual design cues from a 17th-century pirate ship, stretching out at nearly 200 feet in length and finished off with a top deck helipad - the Lazzarini company live by the adage: 'think about the future, never forget the past'.



More spaceship than ocean cruiser, the Tetra was the brainchild of designer Jonathan Schwinge who looked at the Egyptian pyramids for aesthetic inspiration. The almost science-fiction yacht is a rethinking of propulsion technology, using an innovative design consisting of a resting mode that sits on the waterline, and an acceleration position that elevates above the surface of the sea for high-speed cruising.


Post By Ed Mason


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