In this guide we look at the wide range of services offered by Mylor Rigging and explain how it’s possible for you with the right equipment and knowledge, to complete many of the tasks yourself.

  • Pre-season mast and rig survey – After a long winter ashore, we would highly recommend this before relaunching. By having a detailed survey prior to relaunch, this allows for any maintenance work to be completed before your yacht goes back in the water and therefore not affecting your precious sailing time.

    When carrying out a pre-season mast and rig survey, we analyse the whole rig and all rigging related parts on the yacht. From this we produce a detailed report, with detailed pictures to help identify any issues found.

  • Rig tension check and tune - Unless this is something that you are confident undertaking yourself, we would recommend appointing a rigger. We check that all standing rigging has good tension, the mast is square (upright) and true (not bent).  

    If required, we will tune the rig based on our knowledge and experience. If you have Loos gauge figures, we will calibrate the rig to your settings. This is something you would only ask us to do if the mast is already up when relaunched. When we step a rig, this is something we automatically undertake, so there is no need to instruct us to do so.

  • Spars – Wash, polish and protect – If your mast has been up all winter whilst ashore, it is very likely that it has suffered from weathering and may appear dull or green in areas. This is something that you as the owner, could do yourself if you feel confident climbing the rig. If not, we are always here to assist.  Alternatively, if your mast has been down all winter and you just want to give it a spruce before it goes back up, this is a very easy task to carry out yourself.

  • Wash and service running rigging – As with the Spars – ‘wash, polish and protect’, if your running rigging has been left in situ all winter, it tends to go green and stiff due to exposure to the elements for a prolonged period.

    This is something that we recommend should be done before your yacht is left for the winter, as by removing salt from your ropes, you prevent any unnecessary weathering occurring.  We would recommend all running rigging is removed, washed & moused back in prior to relaunching.

  • Mainsail track lubrication – Again, if you feel confident climbing the rig and have the appropriate knowledge to service the batten cars, then this is an easy task for you, the owner, to carry out. This is made even easier if the rig is down. However, if this is something you don’t feel comfortable doing, we are here to assist. When re-lubricating the mainsail track, we work from the top of the sail track to the bottom, lubricating all the way down.  The batten cars are also serviced to aid hoisting the mainsails and make it as effortless as possible.

  • Deck gear service – It is important that all your deck gear is running smoothly, not only for your own ease of use, but also to ensure that it’s in safe working order and lasts as long as possible. This is a simple deck level task that can be carried out by you the owner, or a rigger. Deck servicing includes all the deck organisers, clutches, travellers, blocks, and all moving parts being flushed, inspected, cleaned and relubricated.

  • Winch servicing – Winter is the perfect time to have your winches serviced. Winches should be serviced at least yearly to ensure they’re in safe working order. With the knowledge and the right equipment, it’s possible to complete the task yourself. However, if you don’t feel confident taking them apart, it is recommended you seek a riggers’ advice.

    Typically, we would look to carry out the following work; remove winches and bring to the workshop. A deep clean in a parts washer to remove all the old grease, grime and salt. Once clean, winch parts – pawls & spring etc will be inspected for wear and replaced if required. Finally, the winch will be rebuilt, re-greased and oiled. Given the heavy loads winches are placed under, it is very important that they are maintained to the highest standard.

  • Anchor chain and docklines – This is a simple task that involves checking over all the anchor chain to ensure that none of the links are damaged. All the docklines should also be assessed to ensure they are safe and ready for the forthcoming season.

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