Mylor Chandlery and Rigging has come a long way over the past 36 years. The Pullen family took over the company in 1984, however it looked very different back then. When the family took ownership of the company, it was based in the building Castaways Restaurant now occupies, along with Mylor Yacht Harbour. At this point Mylor Chandlery was just a store serving the Yacht Harbour, but later opened its doors to the public as well.

Since its opening in 1984, the company has grown substantially. When the company was purchased, they had just one staff member, Fred Pullen the owner. Over the past 36 years staffing has grown significantly, with a total of 11 full time employees, and 4 seasonal contractors.

Prior to the 90’s the company had no involvement with rigging services, which was at the time managed by Mylor Yacht Harbour, whilst the Chandlery ran the water taxi service. It was at this point that the company expanded and took on the rigging department, passing the water taxi service to the Yacht Harbour, and developed to become more like the company we know today.

In 1999, Mylor Chandlery and Rigging moved to its current premises whilst further expanding its capability. For the chandlery, this allowed them to expand the range of products sold in the shop, to include major clothing brands Gill, Henri Lloyd & Musto.

For the rigging department, the new workshop space was a significant step forward, having previously operated from a small workspace. This enabled the riggers to bring masts indoors and work in a warm, dry space. Additionally, it also enabled the purchase of more heavy duty machinery and tools, as previously there had been nowhere to store or install them.

Now well into 2020, Mylor Chandlery and Rigging continues to grow in size, gaining new customers daily. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for the company, and where we go from here.

For an insight into some of the work carried out by the rigging department, please follow the link below:

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