Hello and welcome to Mylor Rigging’s brand new site!

We’ve been hard at work developing a new, user friendly website with a fresh visual style to help accurately reflect our web presence and existing professional ethos in the sailing industry.

Mylor has 20 years of experience, extensive knowledge and expertise - with our highly trained rigging team on-hand to deliver exactly what boat owners require. Whether you’re an every-day sailor or professional seafarer, we offer a service tailored to your exact needs - offering outstanding, reliable results for any boat owner.

Based at Mylor Yacht Harbour on the Falmouth coastline, all our riggers are incredibly passionate about all things sailing, with extensive cruising and racing knowledge on all levels - honing in on your particular skills, personal preferences and precise requirements to get exactly what you’re looking for; whether it’s to do with masts, spars, rigging or deckgear...

When it comes to assembling your dream rigging setup, we know that you expect the best. That's why everything we stock is focused on trusted brands that offer unparalleled performance, build quality and hassle-free usability.

So don't hesitate - take a look around our site, then talk through all your exact needs with our rigging team and transform your sailing experience with Mylor!

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