At Mylor, we take pride in the expertise, experience and knowledge behind our rigging department; helping real sailors with any problem, big or small, that comes their way.

Whether you're a competitive racer, a seasoned seafarer or someone just learning the ropes, we believe customer satisfaction begins with establishing clarity and understanding the services on offer, so you know exactly where to go to get the job done.

From masts to deckgear, Mylor will guide you through our full range of rigging services to make your life easier today.


Our Deckgear service focuses on all the on-deck hardware needed for any type and size of boat you happen to own.

Our rigging team will give you professional, straightforward, no-nonsense advice on the type of deckgear you need and what they would recommend to suit the way YOU sail.

We stock essential products from top end brands such as Harken, Lewmar, Selden, Spinlock & Wichard - chosen based on their unrivalled build quality and performance.

Our riggers will not only recommend products, but also help to actively improve and enhance your sailing performance with the perfect deckgear, correctly specified rope and the most effective systems.

We advise on the following...

  • Winches both electrical & manual
  • Blocks & sheeting systems
  • Genoa car, track & sheeting systems
  • Mainsheet traveller systems
  • Halyard & turning blocks
  • Deck organisers
  • Clutches & Jammers
  • Backstay adjusters – hydraulic & manual
  • Deck Plans & layouts
Masts & Spars

Spars are without a doubt the most expensive component on a yacht. Therefore, they need to be kept shipshape and always at the front of a responsible sailor's mind.

Are your spars wooden? aluminium? carbon?

The Mylor rigging team not only use their expertise to repair and service spars, we also build them from the world's best mast & boom manufacturers that exist at the spearhead of performance and technological potential.

Whether you own an opulent superyacht or you’re into small scale dinghy racing, our Mast & Spars services are designed to quite literally improve the life of anyone whose pride and passion lies in the open ocean.

Not enough?

This service is made complete by an array of exceptional facilities for you to use such as an industrial crane, dry and secure Spar storage to give you peace of mind, and a customised mast road trailer to complete the 5-star treatment.

Our services include...

  • Rig design & mast commissioning
  • Wooden mast specialists – repair, servicing & varnishing
  • Custom made booms, spinnaker or genniker poles
  • Bowsprit design & implementation
  • Mast trailer & transportation
Running Rigging

The rope system in your rigging setup makes everything from your spars to your sails run smoothly and effectively.

Mylor's rope work is something we take very seriously and we have adapted our expertise over the years to deal with extensive work on yachts to professional assistance in both complex industrial and architectural projects.

As part of our proven skill set, we have been leading UK suppliers of Marlow rope for over a quarter of a century.

As long time users and strong believers in the Marlow brand, we really look nowhere else when it comes reliable, durable, high performance rope for all your marine purposes.

Looking for expertise that exists outside of what we've just described? Give us a call now and we'll talk through your exact requirements today.

Range of rope services...

  • All riggers are Marlow certified.
  • Specialist rope work covers all forms of splicing, tapering & chaff protection
  • Experts in Dyneema – advice, specify, produce & fit
  • Rope breakload analysis service
  • Everything from 4mm control lines to 50mm dynemma towing lines
  • Rope work for Marine, Structural & Industrial applications
  • Mooring strops made to order – suppliers to Harbour authorities ensures a high standard is always maintained
  • Rope Washing – specialist cleaning system prolong the life of your ropes
For all lines required for non-marine purposes, visit our specialist site Rope Warehouse were you'll find rope designed for sport and leisure to home and garden, climbing and more...

Standing Rigging

Standing rigging involves all the ropes, chains and wire required in the supporting of the mast - all of which require super high-quality materials to protect the integrity, sustain the performance and guarantee the strength of your mast and rigging.

The kind of work for standing rigging requires practical knowledge of the very best rig components to guarantee brilliant results. Therefore, all riggers are certified by Sta-lock and only use Sta-lock wire and terminals that comply to ISO9001 for ensured safety and guaranteed performance when in use.

To uphold our robust standing rigging techniques we provide consultation, planning, design services and re-rigs on dinghies to luxury superyachts.

We provide...

  • Sta-lok affiliated company
  • All riggers certified by Sta-lok
  • Certificates issued for insurance purposes
  • All rigging work guaranteed under our warranty policy
  • Design, consultation & planning service
  • Wire from 1/19, compact, rod & composite undertaken
  • Re-rigs offered on anything from a dinghy to Superyachts
  • With the only dedicated rigging crane in the SW, re-rigs can be undertaken with the mast in situ or craned out.
  • New Yacht commissioning service or Guardwire replacement
  • Swaging offered offsite throughout Cornwall & Devon
Other Services

Need something more?

Our extensive array of added services are designed to give any yachtsman or motorboat owner all they need to keep their vessel in the best condition possible - with the hope of improving performance and even extending the lifespan of your boat.

Mylor offer you a full MOT of your rig...

To give you a taste of what we do, our extremely popular Mast & Rig appraisal service provides a comprehensive, thorough and complete inspection of the mast, boom & rig. We look at the running rigging, winches, cleats & clutches and all other sail controls to ensure your boat is operating to the highest possible standards.

Following our analysis, we produce a detailed report that draws together all our recommendations & advisories for safety, seaworthiness and more...

Mylor offer...

Mast & Rig appraisals
Sails – bending and unbendingCustomised mooring strops for yachts & motor vessels
Winch servicing
Rig TuningUn-stepping & Stepping of mastSpar washing, polishing & protectingReefing & Lazyjack systems – consultation & fittingValeting & servicing of sails or coversSprayhood dodger dismantling & removal
Maintenance, repair and varnishing of wooden sparsMousing & removal of all running rig for winter storageHalyard & sheet inspection and washing
Liferaft hire, servicing and removal
Quotation for insurance work

Structural Rigging

Our expertise isn't just confined to marine jobs and projects.

Mylor Rigging also offers a range of services in the fields of architecture and industry, giving you an invaluable, all-round service to take advantage of.

We realised that many of our clients wanted more than just our marine knowledge, so we offered up our complete skill set, giving you advice on everything from your home, DIY and small scale domestic projects to in-depth consultancy on complex industrial work.

We even go one step further...

Whether you're staging an ambitious exhibition or trying to get an elaborate event off the ground, we will offer our advice and guidance and even partner up with you to make sure your creative vision becomes a concrete reality.

We offer...

  • Project assistance available to help with specification & development.
  • All wires are certified and ISO9001 approved with full traceability & warranty.
  • Rigging team are fully insured for working at heights.
  • Extensive knowledge in this field of work.
  • Balustrades & Structural stays.
  • New or restoration projects.
  • Able to travel and work on sites across the south west.
  • No architectural projects to large or small.
What's The Next Step?

For enquiries or to learn more about any of these services, please contact our rigging manager Dan Teubert on 01326 375 482.

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